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Reg Hough Circa 1964

Reginald D. Hough, FAIA


Reg was actively involved in architectural concrete work since 1963 when he was employed by I.M. Pei & Associates Architects.  There he developed the concrete technology which has been used on many significant projects designed throughout the world.  In 1968 he co-founded the firm Kelly/Hough, Inc. where he served as a consultant on construction technology and construction methods on many concrete and architectural concrete projects working with Architects, Engineers, Owners, and Contractors.  From 1993 to 2003 he provided services through Reginald D Hough FAIA Architect, and in 2003 he established the firm of Reg Hough associates, Architectural Concrete Consultants.


Associations / Memberships:


  • American Institute of Architects, Inducted into the The College of Fellows - 1997 American Concrete Institute

  • Sub-Chairman of committee 303 - Guide to Architectural Concrete, currently in revision

  • Co-Chairman of the 1986 National Convention in New York, NY

  • New Jersey Chapter of ACI; Recipient of Concrete Lifetime Achievement Award, 2009

  • ​Concrete Industry Board of New York

    • Member, Board of Directors since 1978

    • President, 1987-89

    • Leader of Industry Award, 1999

    • Outstanding Achievement Award, 2005


Published Articles on Concrete: (By or on Reginald Hough)


  • Reginald D. Hough, "Developing Architectural Concrete for Quality Results" Concrete Industry Board Bulletin (Spring 1999)

  • Reginald D. Hough, "Cracking in Architectural Concrete" Concrete Industry Board Bulletin (Winter 1996)

  • Reginald D. Hough, "Architectural Concrete: A Cooperative Effort" New York Construction News (October 1995)

  • Interior Design Staff Writer, "NEXT, Inc.," Interior Design (November1990)

  • Reginald D. Hough, edited by AR Staff Writer, "The Secret to Quality in         Architectural Concrete: Knowing Construction," Architectural Record (March     1983)

  • AR Staff Writer, "Round Table on Concrete in Architecture"  Architectural Record  (November 1982)

  • Reginald D. Hough, "Architectural Concrete Formwork", American Concrete    Institute: Report on International Symposium on Formwork (November 1981)

  • Reginald D. Hough, edited by CI staff writer, "Construction-oriented Concrete     Design" & "Reginald D. Hough Speaks-up about Construction-Oriented             Concrete Design" Concrete International (May 1981)

  • AR Staff Writer, "A Thorough Elucidation of Forming Technique Underlies Deft     Detailing for a Concrete Garage", Architectural Record (August 1978)

  • Reginald D. Hough, "Pre-Construction Consideration for a Building of Exposed   Concrete", Journal of American Concrete Institute (September 1973)


Major Lectures & Seminars on Concrete:


  • Architectural Record - Concrete Round Table, 1982

  • CIB/AIA Concrete Seminar Series, 1983

  • PCA International Formwork Conference, 1982, 1984

    • ​(Keynote speaker, 1988 4-session series)

  • ACI National Convention, 1987

  • ACI Canada Eastern Region Convention, 1988

  • ACI Canada Eastern Region Convention, 1990 (Keynote speaker)

  • ACI National Convention, 1996

  • ACI National Convention, 2005

  • Structural Engineers of New York (SEoNY), 2008




  • PCA Bi-Annual Awards Program, 1988 (Chairman), 1999

  • CIB Awards Program, 1983 (Chairman), 1984, 1986, 1987, 1991, 1996, 1998, 2000, 2001

  • ACI Regional Awards Programs, 1991, 1994, 1996, 1997


Inventions & Innovations:


  • Cast-In-Place Mechanized Formwork System, Patented 1982

  • Concrete Crack Inducing Devices, Patented 1998

  • Internally Insulated Concrete Wall System

  • High Strength/Small Diameter Tie

  • Formwork Corner Support Bracket

  • Narrow Reveal and Assembly System

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