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Jamie G Lynch

Jamie G Lynch

Senior Technical Consultant

Jamie is a seasoned Architectural Concrete Specialist boasting over two decades of expertise within the concrete industry. Collaborating closely with stakeholders including owners, architects, engineers, municipal agencies, material suppliers, and subcontractors, Jamie has played a pivotal role in shepherding projects from conceptualization to final approval.

Formerly serving as a Concrete Superintendent at Structuretech New York, Jamie spearheaded the construction of numerous Architectural Concrete Superstructures. Additionally, he played a crucial role in the pre-construction phase of various projects, contributing his insights to develop bespoke formwork designs, refine placement methods, implement advanced alignment procedures, and conduct detailed analyses of vibration, consolidation, and concrete finishing techniques.

Committed to staying at the forefront of industry advancements, Jamie consistently seeks out the latest construction techniques, materials, equipment, and resources. His unwavering dedication ensures the realization of Architectural Concrete designs of the highest caliber, assuring superior outcomes for every project.

Association/ Memberships

  • American Concrete Institute; Member

  • Concrete Industry Board of New York; Member  

  • World Concrete Cooperation; Member 


  • Athlone Institute of Technology  

Registration/ Certification

  • SST 62hr Supervisor

  • 30-Hour OSHA Construction Safety and Health

  • SIKA Certifications: Structural Strengthening and Bonding, Concrete Repair I &II Concrete Repair Advanced, Total Corrosion Management, Grout & Sealants 101

Notable Projects:


  • The Greenwich by Rafael Vinoly, New York, NY

    • Roger H. Corbetta Awardee 2022/23, CIB Winner 2021

  • 1245 Broadway, New York, NY 

    • Roger H. Corbetta Awardee 2021

    • SEAoNY  Winner 2021

  • 665 5th Ave Rolex HQ, New York, NY

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