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Soft Mud, Hard Beauty A Personal Story of Architectural Concrete

If you're passionate about architectural concrete and want to learn from a leading expert in the field, look no further. Reg Hough's memoir, "Soft Mud, Hard Beauty: a Personal Story of Architectural Concrete," offers a captivating inside view of the past half-century of architectural concrete. 

In "Soft Mud, Hard Beauty," Reg Hough shares his inside view of the past half-century of architectural concrete, from its raw beginnings before the introduction of modern techniques such as admixtures, patented forming systems, or concrete pumps. He has developed many of the guidelines and methodologies that are now the industry standards for achieving smooth and textured finishes in concrete, using only basic information for producing structural concrete.

This memoir features dozens of key buildings from around the world, showcasing the impressive work of renowned architects. However, the real focus of "Soft Mud, Hard Beauty" is the essential link between design and execution in architectural concrete. Reg Hough's firsthand accounts and insights make this memoir a must-read for architects, construction professionals, and anyone interested in the art and science of architectural concrete.

Request your copy of "Soft Mud, Hard Beauty" now to gain a deeper understanding of this fascinating field. Follow the link below to request your free book (just pay shipping and handling) through our trusted partner. Don't miss this opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and expertise from one of the industry's leading authorities on architectural concrete. 

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